30 years in the sign business

Meeting & Survey

We are happy to come and visit you at your premises/Site to discuss the project and provide samples at no cost to you.

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Design & Manufacture

We provide an in-house Design service to Meet you requirments and we have 30 years of sign Manufacturing experience to draw on.

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Unless the job is very simple we prefer to install it ourselves to ensure a quality result and trouble free sign life.

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Way back in 1985 my brother and I formed a Sign & Design company called Signrite. John’s background was Architecture and Graphic Design and my training was Fine Art (Sculpture & Photography). In those pre-computer days the sign business was still very much an artisan trade of sign painters who worked on wood panels. There were large sign companies in Dublin who produced lit signs, large outdoor signs, light boxes, business signs, plastic signs, safety signs and office signs etc. But outside of Dublin the trade was underdeveloped. The first computerised letter cutters started to appear in the mid 80’s and about 5 years later the first sign-design software was added to the mix. We started with the first computer letter cutter in the Cork area. Further technological development in the sign business came in the form of laser cutters, computer routers and perhaps most important of all, large format digital printing.

We initally worked in close partnership with Architects, Engineers, Advertising Agencies and Design Groups and produced such diverse products as exhibition boards, shop facia signs, vehicle signwriting, office signs, signage for Colleges and special heritage work. As the business developed the range of our products expanded as we entered new areas like construction (site signs, safety signs, large tower signs, parking signs etc….). and we developed areas of expertise such as large steel frames and towers for signs.  Also in the area of the arts (exhibition lettering, banners & posters) and hospitality and hotels etc.

Some areas of work diminished as technology advanced, for example: exhibition posters, but equally technology changes led to a drift away from neon lit signs (delicate and expensive) to LED lit signs ( cheaper and more durable). In more recent years we got more involved in the health & training area with specified signs for hospitals and Special Care units. In the new year we commence a large sign job for signs in a maternity hospital.

In general and with a few exceptions (gold leaf work and extensive hand finishing) like for like, most signs are cheaper today than 5 years ago OR 10 OR 20 years and offer tremendous value to the customer.

Reg Murphy