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This is a fast growing area of our business. Specialized window films allow you privacy or prevent glare whilst minimising any loss of light. Logos and text can be cut into them as well.

Tower signs

Over the years we have been asked to produce very large tower signs (similar to what one would see outside a filling station) in instances where the client premises is set back from the road and is difficult to find.

Site signs

There was a time when these were very plain listing of the developments, but they are now regarded as a active (and changeable) marketing tool. Normally digitally printed in full colour, we have produced signs up to 9 Meters by 6 meters.

Safety Signs

A great many standard safety signs can now be bought off-the-shelf in hardware stores, but there is a constant need for more durable bespoke signs that are made to order.  

Raised Lettering

Carved in durable composite material but can be in steel, plastic or other materials. They are usually seen on shop facias but can be used in any context and are especially effective when backlit.  


In some cases where you have a big technology park or a shopping centre or a park, a graphic map is a very effective and simple way to help customes to find places.


Normally thes are projecting from the front of buildings like hanging signs, but can also be used as free-standing towers or as effective and eye catching point-of-sale aids inside windows or instore.


We have done a number of projects with the OPW, and over the years worked with community groups on Heritage projects. One of the most interesting was the restoration of the old Huguenot graveyard in French Church street, Cork. This was a conservation project carried out by Cork City Council (our client) on a vacant

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We have worked for many specialist training & care groups (Cheshire homes, The Alzheimer Society of Ireland, St Lukes home etc) and are currently involved in 2 projects for the HSE in the City area.